handyman hanging drywall

Bridging the gap between large contractors
and overpriced franchise repair services.

Tim O’Leary, owner of O’Leary Enterprises L.L.C., grew up in a family that owned a construction business in northwest Iowa. Starting at age 12, Tim spent most of his spare time learning from and helping out at the family business. This included hanging drywall, running electrical, plumbing installation, and performing general carpentry, which all inspired his passion.

Then, in his twenties, Tim made major upgrades to his first home in Des Moines, specifically in the areas of kitchen, bathroom, and living room. He had the chance to work with a business partner to build a spec house from the ground up, acting as a general contractor and overseeing all the work from start to finish. Most recently, Tim replaced every major appliance in his own kitchen, and refinished all the cabinets, while also installing a new countertop and backsplash.

After moving on to his second home, Tim noticed that sometimes there were projects that didn’t require the full attention of a general contractor. Eight years ago, he responded to this need by opening O’Leary Enterprises L.L.C. His goal was to bridge the gap between a large contractor and the overpriced franchise repair services.

O’Leary Enterprises L.L.C. is fully insured and does work on both residential and commercial properties. As we began the business, we noticed that people were clamoring for repair services outside of the regular 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. business hours. We will meet the needs of our customers by offering the work without additional fees for nights and weekend hours. Estimates are always free and you can contact us at any time. No repair is too small or insignificant. We look forward to serving you.