Ceiling Fan Installation and Replacement

Reasons to upgrade or install a ceiling fan.

Installing a ceiling fan will help maintain a constant temperature in the room, and help to prevent the AC or furnace from excessive demand, saving you energy. Having your windows open will help fans circulate the fresh air so that conditioned air doesn’t even have to be used. Operating a ceiling fan requires about the same amount of energy as a typical light bulb, but can shave up to 35% off your energy bill when used consistently. That’s money savings that can be spent on other improvements!

Change your fans direction for seasonal improvement.

During the summer months, rotate the blades counter-clockwise to help cool a room. Change the fan’s motor to rotate the blades clock-wise during the winter months to circulate the warm air down into the room.

What is the best size fan for my room?

For rooms that are smaller than 12 by 12, usually a 42 inch fan will do. For bigger rooms, a 52 inch fan works the best. There are some specialty sized ceiling fans that are about 32 inches wide that will fit in smaller spaces such as bathrooms, pantries, offices or apartment sized kitchens. A sure way to get a sufficient sized fan is to visit the manufacturer’s website to validate that the fan you plan to purchase will be the correct size for the room. I personally would not recommend finding the cheapest fan, even if it’s for a rental property or a room that is used infrequently. The bottom dollar fans are usually noisy, unbalanced and will more than likely have a short lifespan. Remember, you get what you pay for!

What is the best way to control my ceiling fan?

Most ceiling fans have separate pull chains that operate both the fan and the light. For added convenience, I highly recommend purchasing a ceiling fan with a remote control. The remote allows the user to control the fan from anywhere in the room. Most remotes allow the user to select the fan speed, adjust the lighting brightness and some will even change the direction of the fan. If desired the remote can be directly mounted on the wall and used similar to a light switch. If you have a home that only has one switch for the fan and light, this is a great improvement without the expense of adding another control circuit.

Still unsure about adding a fan or making a selection?

Please give us a call and we can help you through the fan selection process. If necessary we will be happy to stop by and take a look at the room and help you with selecting the proper fan that will fit your needs. Here are links to the major fan manufacturers to give you an idea of what’s available:
Casablanca Fan Company
Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

Where is the best place to shop for ceiling fans in Des Moines?

I prefer to shop for fans at Lowe’s, Home Depot and Menards. They all carry a wide selection of different brands, sizes and colors. My personal suggestion for smaller rooms is to go with a white fan that matches the ceiling color. This makes the fan feel less intrusive and helps it blend in with the room. For larger rooms or vaulted ceilings it’s all about personal preference. Just remember to pick one in the medium to higher price range and you’ll enjoy years of service from your fan.