Home And Commercial Maintenance & Repair

The following list is just a small sample of the handyman services we offer. Please feel free to contact us with any of your home repair and maintenance needs. Questions are always welcome.

Faucet Replacement – Is that drippy, corroded faucet driving up your water bill? Let us replace it with a high quality faucet that will last many years to come. The Midwest is known for its high lime content that takes it’s toll on faucets. Let me help you select a faucet that will provide many years of service. Learn more about faucet replacement.

Drywall Repair and Texture – Whether it’s a small hole in the wall or a large damaged area, we can replace the damaged drywall, texture and paint it to look like new again. Learn more about drywall repair.

Ceiling Fans – Is your old fan wobbling and making noises? Have us install a new fan of your choice to help circulate the air and cut down on energy costs. Many new fans come with a wireless remote that adds a whole new level of convenience. Learn more about ceiling fan installation.

Garbage Disposals – Have you recently opened your cabinet door to find a puddle of water underneath the sink? It may be that your garbage disposal is due for replacement. We can replace it with something economical or step up to a higher quality stainless steel disposal that will outlast and out perform your old unit. Learn more about garbage disposal replacement.

Light Fixtures – Is it time to replace that outdated brass fixture with a new brushed nickel fixture? We replace light fixtures of any type or brand.

Door Adjustments – Do you have a door that just doesn’t quite latch like it’s supposed to? Does it close or open on it’s own? Is it time to upgrade the door hardware? We can service many brands and types of interior and exterior doors.

Window Treatments – Whether it’s replacing your blinds or other types of window treatments, save yourself the hassle of climbing on the ladder and trying to install your new hardware. We can install many different brands and styles of blinds and window treatments.

Light Switches – Do you still have the old style flip switches installed throughout your house? Let us upgrade your switches to the Decora style paddle switches and trim plates. It helps modernize the home and can also include dimmers, timers and motion detection.

Smoke Detectors – If you haven’t changed your detectors in the last ten years, it’s time to do so. Smoke detectors have a limited life span, don’t put you or your family’s life in danger. If you have an older home that doesn’t have interconnected smoke detectors, (when one goes off they, all go off) I would highly recommend the new detectors that are interconnected through their own WiFi.

Interior Painting – Is it time to freshen up your walls? People often overlook the massive improvement that painting makes to a home. It’s one of the most economical and personal touches you can add to your home. If you are in the market to sell your home, painting is one of the best improvements for resale that you can make.

Miscellaneous Home Repairs – No repair is too small or insignificant.